The new Academy makeup may improve Hereditary and A Quiet Place’s Oscar chances

There’s a moment toward the end of Ari Aster’s new A24 film Hereditary where Toni Collette has an epic on-screen meltdown. It happens in one long shot, and it conveys a staggering level of interior anguish. It’s reminiscent of a scene from one of 2018’s other best films to date, the moment in A Quiet Place when Emily Blunt’s character is forced to try and give birth in total silence, and the camera stays tightly on her face as she conveys her silent screams through a locked jaw and tortured eyes. Horror movies try to scare their audiences in a wide variety of ways, but the commonality in these two films is that the terror comes from a heightened emotional authenticity that doesn’t feel like acting. The emotion Blunt and Collette summon…

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