Juul plans to release lower-nicotine vape juice starting in August

E-cigarette startup Juul Labs plans to start releasing e-liquid options with 40 percent less nicotine this August, the company announced today. The lower-dose pods could give vapers a way to start cutting the amount of nicotine they inhale without having to take fewer puffs. But the new lower-dose pods are probably still a long way from being non-addictive — at least, if you’re going by cigarette research.

Juul Labs’ patented system delivers nicotine a lot like a cigarette — which makes the company valuable. Its latest funding round will up the company’s worth to more than $16 billion, Bloomberg recently reported. Its e-liquid JuulPods contain compounds called nicotine salts, which are also in the tobacco that’s in most cigarettes. Big…

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