You can’t lose your headphones if they’re pinned to your earlobes

I lose everything. If it’s not my phone charger, it’s my driver’s license. If it’s not my water bottle, it’s that $14 container of Tylenol that I desperately need. But do you know the two things I lose the most? Earrings and headphones. So I’m feeling seen with this Kickstarter project that wants to combine those two things into one device.

The company behind this project is called Scandi Electronics, and the team is creating Bluetooth earrings for pierced ears. They’re called Swings, and they look like your average beaded earrings. The lower, larger bead is an in-ear headphone in disguise. To switch between earrings and headphones, all you have to do is take the hanging earbud and put it in your ear. Scandi claims that Swings have…

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