Tetsuya Mizuguchi on the creation of puzzle classic Lumines and its new remaster

Tetsuya Mizuguchi

The PlayStation Portable was a technological marvel when it came out in 2004. With its huge 4.3-inch screen and unprecedented processing power that was capable of running near-as-dammit PS2 games, it felt like an almost-pocketable vision of the future. Ambitious games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII delivered on the promise of the palm-sized console experience, and the PSP built up a credible library of impressive software, even while competing with the wildly successful Nintendo DS.

But despite the PSP’s considerable brawn, no title on the platform was quite as brilliant or enduring as a little 2D puzzle game called Lumines.

Developed by Q Entertainment, Lumines was another example of Rez and S…

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