Samsung’s Galaxy S9 still comes with a free Chromebook from Amazon

Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy Note 9 is perfect for people who want an immense amount of storage, a large screen, and some clever S Pen functionality, but its $999 starting price certainly isn’t cheap. It’s worth remembering that you can get a lot of what’s good about the Note 9 in the Galaxy S9, and it’ll cost you less money.

Amazon is running a deal on the S9 and S9 Plus that tosses in a Samsung Chromebook 3 for free. Starting at $719, you can buy the S9 with the Chromebook 3. If you want the S9 Plus instead, that will cost $839. Both of these prices reflect how much each phone costs to buy unlocked, but you’re also getting a free Chrome OS laptop.

The Note 9 will definitely be a better choice for some, but if you’re loading up on tech…

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