Brainwavz’s Blu 300 are cheap wireless earbuds you won’t mind wearing in the rain

The Brainwavz Blu 300 are a new pair of Bluetooth neckbuds at a very affordable price of just $39.50. Brainwavz already produces one of our favorite pairs of in-ear headphones, the high-end B400, and if the Blu 300 offer anything close to the sound quality and comfort of the 400s, then they could be very tempting.

While the B400 earphones were designed with sound quality as the top priority, the Blu 300s have a greater emphasis on withstanding the stresses of an active lifestyle. They carry an IPX7 water resistance rating, meaning they can handle sweat and splashes, and a magnetic clasp will hold the earbuds together around your neck when you’re not using them. You’ll get eight hours of battery life in total (after a charge time of two…

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