The $500 Dyson Airwrap styler vacuums up wet hair to curl it

Dyson has announced its second beauty gadget since the Supersonic, with a hair curler that relies on air rather than extreme temperatures. The product, called the Airwrap styler, is powered by Dyson’s V9 motor, and it dries hair via a phenomenon called the Coanda effect, which gets the hair to latch onto the curler.

Bursts of air follow the curved surface of the curling rod, and the difference in air pressure pulls in the hair to let it wrap around the curler. Dyson says it took six years of development by 230engineers and scientists, and it’s got the price tag to show for it: the Airwrap styler starts at $500.

Because the styler uses air instead of heat, hair has to be at a certain amount of dampness in order to be…

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