The UK invited a robot to ‘give evidence’ in Parliament for attention

<em>Pepper the robot is designed to interact with humans by giving directions and answering questions. </em>

The UK Parliament caused a bit of a stir this week with the news that it would play host to its first non-human witness. A press release from one of Parliament’s select committees (groups of MPs who investigate an issue and report back to their peers) said it had invited Pepper the robot to “answer questions” on the impact of AI on the labor market.

“Pepper is part of an international research project developing the world’s first culturally aware robots aimed at assisting with care for older people,” said the release from the Education Committee. “The Committee will hear about her work [and] what role increased automation and robotics might play in the workplace and classroom of the future.”

It is, of course, a stunt.

As a number of AI…

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