Verizon discounts prepaid unlimited plan to $65 when you set up autopay

Verizon is updating the pricing for its prepaid plans, and its unlimited plan is now cheaper than ever at $70 per month — or $65 with a $5 discount for setting up autopay.

That’s a nice discount, considering the old prepaid unlimited plan cost $75 per month. There is also a new 8GB plan for $45 and a 3GB plan for $35, which are only slight improvements over the old 7GB for $50 and 3GB for $40 options (via Android Authority), once you factor in the $5 autopay discount Verizon is applying to the new numbers, but the extra 1GB that’s added to the mid-tier plan is nice.

It’s a Verizon “unlimited” plan, so read the fine print

Since this is Verizon — of the three “unlimited” plans — it’s important to note what that prepaid unlimited plan…

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