Vine co-founder plans to launch successor Byte in Spring 2019

Vine — the much loved and mourned short video hosting platform — will return, kind of, sort of. Co-creator Dom Hofmann announced on Twitter today that its spiritual success is set to arrive next spring.

Details? We don’t have many. Though Hofmann did give us a name — Byte — and logo to match. From the sound out of, things will operate similarly to Vine, with short, looping videos. So far it’s got a domain and a couple of admittedly clunky social media handles.

our new looping video app is called byte. launching spring 2019

— dom hofmann (@dhof) November 8, 2018

Twitter unceremoniously shuttered Vine two years back, after acquiring it back in 2016. There certainly appears to be some desire for the network lo these many years later, given that Vine compilations are still very much a thing on one-time competitors like YouTube. Hofmann is clearly among those who believes the idea of six-second videos still has some life left in it.

He has been discussing launching his own successor to the service for some time now, initially deeming it V2. He even went so far as to launch a logo for that service, and detail the offering. Earlier this year, however, Hofmann announced that he would be postponing its launch. Things have gone completely silent until now, and you would be forgiven if that roller coaster left you skeptical about Byte’s launch.

This planned return still leaves plenty of unanswered questions about the team, product and funding, the latter of which became a issue in earlier attempts to launch the service. The Byte name, meanwhile, is borrowed from an earlier tool created by Hofmann in the wake of the original Vine .

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