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Clouds are complicated, and these fabulous 3D renderings of real weather data prove it

April 24, 2018 Alex 0

Some people, when they look up at the sky and see a cloud, think “dog” or “fluffy.” And some people think “it’s a waning cumulus with a feathered edge suggesting a pressure system from the north ending in an updraft, which would probably cause turbulence. Also looks a bit like a dog.” Clearly one of those people created these complex, beautiful renderings of weather data.

The idea behind this project at ETH Zurich, led by Markus Gross, is that different visualizations of detailed weather data may be highly useful in different fields. He and his colleagues have been working on a huge set of such data and finding ways of accurately representing it with an eye to empowering meteorologists from the TV station to the research lab.

“The scientific value of our visualisation lies in the fact that we make something visible that was impossible to see with the existing tools,” explained undergraduate researcher Noël Rimensberger in an ETHZ news release. Representing weather “in a relatively si..

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Lab-grown meat

April 23, 2018 Alex 0

The meat industry, a major contributor to CO2 emissions and deforestation, is facing competition.

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Net neutrality is officially dead today, but the fight to revive it lives on (Update: Not quite)

April 23, 2018 Alex 0

Net neutrality’s protracted, multi-phase death scene is finally coming to an end with a whimper as the FCC rules proposed in May, voted on in December and entered in the Federal Register in February finally come into effect today. But as before, don’t expect some big fanfare by broadband providers and a sudden ratcheting up of prices. Things are going to stay quietly tense for a while.

Update: Although new rules do indeed take effect two months after entering the Federal Register (i.e. today), those taking effect are only part of the full package. The Office of Management and Budget still has to sign off on the new rules, after which time there will be yet another delay as they are filed in the Register again before taking effect. So although the new rules have taken partial effect, they are are still awaiting final final approval.

Should you be worried? No. But you should stay angry.

“Restoring Internet Freedom” may have taken effect (again, in part), but the truth is that the 2015..

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From Ferraris to flying taxis: Q&A with Lilium’s new Head of Product Design

April 23, 2018 Alex 0

Munich-based Lilium, the super ambitious company developing an electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) jet and accompanying “air taxi” service, continues to hire top talent to make its vision a reality. The latest new recruitment is car design veteran Frank Stephenson, who has previously worked for Ferrari, Maserati, and Mini, to name but a few.

Considered one of the world’s most renowned and influential car designers in recent times, 58-year-old Stephenson’s portfolio includes iconic designs such as the BMW X5, New MINI, Ferrari F430, Maserati MC12, and McLaren P1. Now he’s embarking on adding the Lilium jet to that list.

Officially starting next month, he’ll be tasked with recruiting an entirely new design team to shape both the interior and exterior of the jet itself, as well as a design language for the company’s wider infrastructure, including landing pads and departure lounges.

In a call with Stephenson yesterday morning, I got to ask him why he’s ditched Ferraris for fl..

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Unstoppable exploit in Nintendo Switch opens door to homebrew and piracy

April 23, 2018 Alex 0

The Nintendo Switch may soon be a haven for hackers, but not the kind that want your data — the kind that want to run SNES emulators and Linux on their handheld gaming consoles. A flaw in an Nvidia chip used by the Switch, detailed today, lets power users inject code into the system and modify it however they choose.

The exploit, known as Fusée Gelée, was first hinted at by developer Kate Temkin a few months ago. She and others at ReSwitched worked to prove and document the exploit, sending it to Nvidia and Nintendo, among others.

Although responsible disclosure is to be applauded, it won’t make much difference here: this flaw isn’t the kind that can be fixed with a patch. Millions of Switches are vulnerable, permanently, to what amounts to a total jailbreak; only new ones with code tweaked at the factory will be immune.

That’s because the flaw is baked into the read-only memory of the Nvidia Tegra X1 used in the Switch and a few other devices. It’s in the “Boot and Power Management..

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8VC has closed its second early-stage fund, seemingly with an eye on logistics and biotech

April 23, 2018 Alex 0

8VC, the early-stage, San Francisco-based venture firm founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Joe Lonsdale and four other general partners, has closed it second early-stage venture fund with $640 million in commitments, says one of its limited partners.

The fund comes roughly two years after the firm closed its debut fund with $425 million, along with a separate, $50 million seed fund. A couple of years ago, 8VC also quietly raised a late-stage “coinvest” fund that it closed with roughly $400 million in capital commitments, meaning its total assets under management are currently around $1.5 billion.

We’d talked with Lonsdale last year about 8VC, whose mantra is simply “The world is broken; let’s fix it.”

Already at that time, the firm had invested in Synthego, a genetic engineering startup that provides scientists with genetic material used in their CRISPR research, and Color Genomics, a company whose genetics services help its customers understand their risk for the most common her..

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Leak shows every side of LG’s G7 ThinQ

April 23, 2018 Alex 0

LG is just a week away from announcing its next flagship phone, the G7 ThinQ, but chances are, we’ve going to know every last thing about it before then thanks to a nonstop flow of leaks. A new image of the phone was posted to Twitter today by VentureBeat reporter and frequent phone leaker Evan Blass, showing every single side of the upcoming phone. There have been plenty of G7 leaks already, but this one leaves us nothing left to guess at — at least when it comes to the phone’s design.

Previously, G7 leaks showed that the phone would come in five colors, have the ability to hide its notch by blacking out the top of the screen, and include an extra button the left side. Last week, CNET reported that the button would be used to activate…

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