David Lynch Teaches Typing is probably not the best way to learn to type, but it is fun and very weird

David Lynch Teaches Typing, a free game from developer Hyacinth Nil and writer Luke Palmer, is a terrible way to learn how to type.

For starters: if you’re a child and you don’t yet know how to use a keyboard, why are you familiar with the oeuvre of David Lynch? You’re not ready! I’m 24 years old and I’m not ready. That’s why I’ve seen only two episodes of Twin Peaks and 30 minutes of Blue Velvet, which I turned off because I was too unnerved to continue. (I don’t even think I’m out of line with that one. It’s so disturbing!) For children, there are many ways to learn how to type and most of them involve nice things like skateboards and astronauts.

If you’re an adult and you’ve not yet learned to type, you’ve still spent enough time…

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