Emergency Contact is a dreamy YA love story told through texts

Penny, the college freshman heroine of Emergency Contact, is really good at texting with a sad barista boy named Sam. He’s really good at texting her back! They want to be artists and find love and make money and follow their dreams, but their typical conversation goes like this:

“What if this is our one thing?”

“Lol. What like texting?”

“Yeah. Maybe this is what we’re good at. I’m not mad”

“Phones rule. Humans drool”


“We’re the best. This is the best”

That’s it, that’s the premise of Mary H.K. Choi’s debut novel.

A writer with a sharp sense of humor and a knack for getting inside the heads of young people, Choi has reported on emoji and Instagram for Wired, writtencomic books for Marvel, published an autobiographical book…

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