Lenovo’s Z5 Pro is a cheaper take on the slider phone trend

Until very recently, the slider phone was a thing of the past, consigned to the annals of history along with polyphonic ringtones and BlackBerry’s scroll wheel. Now, however, it’s seeing a resurgence, revived by manufacturers as they attempt to push the screen-to-body ratios of their devices higher and higher. What started with pop-up selfie cameras on phones like the Oppo Find X has morphed into handsets where the entire screen slides down to reveal a camera. Xiaomi has the Mi Mix 3, Honor has the Magic 2, and now Lenovo has the Z5 Pro (via Engadget).

The big advantage of the Z5 Pro is its price, which starts at ¥1,998 (around $287) compared to the Magic 2’s ¥3,799 ($545) or the Mi Mix 3’s ¥3,299 ($475). The trade-off is specs:…

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