Samsung is losing mobile ground to its Chinese rivals

Samsung’s mobile phone sales have been taking a hit this year. It’s a downward trend that started during last year’s holiday quarter and has persisted throughout 2018. Both IDC and Strategy Analytics report that Samsung’s smartphone sales have dipped around 13 percent in the recent quarter. That follows a 10 percent decline in Q2, a 2 percent drop in Q1, and a 4 percent dip in Q4 2017. It’s a clear sign that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 devices haven’t been competitive at the high-end, and Samsung is now losing ground in the mid- and low-end parts of the smartphone market.

Huawei, Samsung’s main Chinese rival, has soared this year. Huawei’s smartphone shipments are up around 32 percent this quarter, and the company has once…

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