Vince Staples makes another dope video, this time in Google Maps

Rapper Vince Staples released his latest album FM! today, and it’s chock-full of certified slappers. The music video to “FUN!,” one of FM!’s singles, takes place entirely in Google Maps. (Realistically, it’s in a UI that looks like Google Maps, but whatever.) In the video, Staples gives us a Street View tour of the neighborhood he grew up in and still raps about: the Ramona Park area of Long Beach, California.

The video opens by zooming in on our Google Earth-sized planet, and it plops us — with Google Maps’ little yellow man — onto a nondescript street in “Norfy, California.” There, we see Staples pose in front of groups of kids dancing, clean his sneakers with a toothbrush and bleach, stumble across a robbery in progress, walk by a…

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